Reforest app users have now reforested 100,000kg of CO2!


Positive activism and positive action in general is something that has been gaining more attention in the last few years. We are working towards a future where everyone can see and measure their personal impact on our environment; a future where everyone can counter that impact by regenerating native forests and preserving biodiversity. 

Reforestation not only sequesters carbon, but also provides habitat for endangered species and improves local air quality in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions. 

We have taken an innovative approach to combating climate change by connecting businesses with their customers who are looking for a way to take action. We’ve made it simple to engage in positive activism, remove carbon from the atmosphere and encourage businesses to do the same.

We’ve now hit a milestone and are proud to announce that Reforest app users have reforested 100,000kg of CO2! 

The biggest contributors are BP (almost 15,000 kg), Woolworths (~9,000kg) and small cafes with just 1kg CO2. Check out our impact board!

Reforest enables users to record and reforest the CO2 from purchases from over 125 different businesses. Reforest is now following up with and notifying businesses of their customers’ action, asking them to step up and join their customers so that together they will remove 2x the CO2 emitted by each transaction.

Reforest allows you to join forces with businesses, as well as other like-minded people who want to help improve our planet’s health. With 100,000kg of CO2 already removed by our app users, it’s clear that there is a need for Reforest. 

If you’re interested in taking positive action, download the Reforest app today.