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  • Plant a tree for your customers or staff from $6.82 per tree (including GST) with no setup costs. Pricing is based on project selection.

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With every tree you gift, you can give your customers and staff a link that makes it more meaningful.

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Local restoration projects from $6.82 per tree

Wimmera Biodiversity Hotspot

The Wimmera region in western Victoria is a biodiversity hotspot, supporting a wide range of native habitats and species. Today, only 3% of the original open woodland habitat remains due to extensive clearing for agriculture.

This reforestation effort aims to restore the stunning natural habitat, sequester CO2 and improve water quality while promoting the integration of ecosystem restoration with existing agricultural practices to raise awareness among landholders.

This unique landscape provides habitat for a vast array of species and enables mobile species to migrate between various parts of the ecosystem. Restoration of this land will provide gene flow and re-colonisation opportunities that are critical to maintaining viable populations of wildlife, in fragmented landscapes.

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