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Reforest for Business

We can help you reduce the carbon cost of doing business.

Your business has a carbon cost.

We can all try to reduce our footprint but sometimes we simply do need to travel for an important conference, face-to-face meeting or site visit. And some supply inputs to your business have no zero-carbon alternatives available. 

Your staff, customers and other stakeholders are increasingly concerned about the carbon impact of your operations.

Your business needs an easy-to-implement solution which lets you track your footprint, take visible and meaningful action on your carbon emissions and communicate that impact to all your stakeholders.

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Grow your corporate forest

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Just like a consumer profile, Reforest lets your business grow a forest to counter your carbon emissions. You can also offer your customers the opportunity to collaborate and plant trees together, whenever they buy from you.

Your organisation’s forest will grow over time and represents your positive impact on carbon emissions, which you can make visible to your staff, customers and other stakeholders.

Initially Reforest will be available for your travel-based emissions; fuel and flights. Soon it will cater to a much broader range of sources and inputs.

Track your emissions

Every time your staff travel, they can log that fuel or flight as a work activity under your organisation's Reforest profile. So you can easily track all the carbon emissions from all your business travel.

Empower your employees

Give your staff visibility of their contribution to your carbon footprint and the opportunity to have a tangible impact upon those emissions.

Influence your suppliers

When you use Reforest for your business travel, you are challenging those suppliers to reduce their future emissions. Your action compounds with that of other Reforest users to send a message all the way up the supply chain.

Go carbon neutral (or even negative!)

Whether you simply wish to engage your customers with collaborative tree planting, or you are working with your carbon advisor towards a carbon neutral certification, Reforest may be able to help. Let us know what you need and we can be flexible to cater to your goals.

Communicate your impact

When your internal and external stakeholders ask what you're doing about carbon emissions, you need something tangible to communicate the steps you are taking. Your Reforest profile shows both your carbon emissions and the forest you are growing in a shareable, engaging visual format.

Let's work together

Reforest is now live as a beta version. Your staff can start using the app right now, and can label any of their fuel purchases and flights as work related. Once Reforest for Business is available those purchases and trees planted can become part of your organisational profile too.

If you are interested in Reforest for Business please let us know and we’ll be in touch soon: