Which of these trees are yours?


Our Mt Rose project is almost ready to plant!

Here are just a few of the seedlings we will be planting for Reforest customers. There are 16 different species in total, all of which are native to the local area and will play an important role in restoring biodiversity:

In the next version of the Reforest App you will be able to see these project updates directly within the app, and as soon as your trees are planted you will be able to see and explore your new forest.

And in recognition of World Environment Day 2020, for every tree you have planted in the Mt Rose project we will match you and plant an extra one beside it. You will also see those trees that we have planted in thanks for your action in your virtual forest in the app. Your impact is growing already!


New Features, More Impact

In future versions of the app we will also reflect the unique characteristics of each project in your virtual forest. This project may well be the only one that will have the precious Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby as it’s unique icon, so don’t miss the chance to include this special project in your forest portfolio.

It will be a permanent sign that you have been Reforesting since the very beginning!