Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program

Visit Sunshine Coast and Reforest are empowering visitors to understand their impact on the local environment and play a role in actively regenerating native landscapes.

Leave it cleaner and greener

We love the Sunny Coast as much as you do

We want our visitors to explore freely and experience the magic of this region. We also want to protect the sandy beaches, dense rainforests and lush waterways from the encroaching threat of climate change. Sustainable tourism is no longer a future possibility, it is now a necessity, as customer demand is higher than ever for eco-conscious travel options.

This is why Visit Sunshine Coast has partnered with Reforest - to empower tourism operators and visitors to leave the Sunshine Coast cleaner and greener than they found it.

Sunshine Coast Destination Dashboard

The heart of the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program

Reforest is a technology platform that connects visitors and businesses with local reforestation projects.

Visit Sunshine Coast’s Destination Dashboard is the heart of the program. It shows the everyone’s contribution to the regional environment, as well as a listing of program partners and local projects.

For businesses and tourism operators

The Reforest platform

Measure your business’ carbon footprint within minutes, using the platform’s CO2 calculator and commit to removing at least 10% your emissions by buying trees in local ecosystem restoration projects.

You can invite customers on the journey by creating an engagement campaigns that lets your audience see and claim the tangible impact you’re making on their behalf.

For visitors

Trip CO2 Calculator

The Trip CO2 Calculator is a simple way to help visitors understand their impact on the local environment.

It guides visitors through a few quick questions about their trip to the Sunshine Coast and calculates their personal footprint. They are then given the option to remove emissions by planting trees in local projects, helping them feel like they are making a contribution and reducing the impact of their stay.

Join the program

How you can be involved

Getting started is easy and it's up to you how much you would like to be involved.

Be a Partner

Use the Reforest platform to calculate your business’ CO2 footprint to start removing emissions by planting trees in local projects. By becoming a partner, your business will be listed on the Destination Dashboard.

Be a Supporter

Simply share the Trip CO2 calculator with your customers. You can share the link in your digital marketing, include them in your customer invoice emails or via a QR code at your business.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be involved and can’t wait to get started. As for the sign up, it was extremely seamless and user friendly, exactly what I am looking for, to offer our customers.”

Simon Thornalley
Saltwater Eco Tours

It doesn’t get more local than this

Cooroy Mountain Wildlife Corridor

This project is restoring an area of grazing land in the Sunshine Coast hinterland to its original state, a type of subtropical rainforest which is recognised as being a critically threatened ecological community. The area being planted runs along a tributary creek which connects into the Upper Six-Mile Creek of the Mary River, which influences water quality in the Great Sandy Straight and the Southern Great Barrier Reef lagoon.

Become a supporter or a partner

Join the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program

Step 1:
Use the special program signup link below to create your business’ Reforest account that track the positive impact you’re contributing to on the Sunshine Coast.

Step 2:
Once you’re signed up, check your emails for further details.

Step 3:
Our team will also reach out to you to help you get set up as a partner or a supporter.

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