About us

We're driving the transition toward a regenerative economy

Our mission is to help businesses take real climate action in a way that actively benefits them, as well as their customers.

Our Story

Reforest is a Brisbane-based social enterprise helping businesses and events take authentic climate and nature-positive action by planting trees in high-quality, local reforestation projects, and delivering that tangible impact to their audience through campaigns that are engaging and personalised.

Our story starts with humble beginnings in Queensland, Australia, where the team were inspired to take meaningful action against climate change and work towards enabling a regenerative economy.

We saw an opportunity to help businesses drive real change, and invite staff and customers to get actively involved. The intention was to create a knock-on effect, whereby a businesses impact could be shared and amplified by it's audience.

We want people to feel like their action is part of the solution.

As Reforest came to life, we formed high-quality partnerships with local restoration projects that were doing good for the community. Our approach to quality highlights our desire to make a real difference and help businesses actively work towards restoring the planet.

We do this through our technology platform that provides an engaging way for businesses to take local climate action and inspire their customers along the way.

Our Manifesto

We envision a world where every transaction has a positive impact on the planet. Where goods and services are marketed based on the environmental improvements they make. Not what it costs the planet, what it creates for it.

A new, regenerative economy.

One that consumers can physically see, connect with and play an active role in building. Using sophisticated technology that makes the user experience simple and seamless. 

So that tree by tree, we reforest the world together.

Our core values

Do more than the minimum.
We know that to restore the planet, we need to do far more than just offset our purchases. We need to make every purchase carbon negative.

Everyone has a role to play.
Taking climate action is everyone’s responsibility, so solutions need to be easily accessible and actionable.

Even small steps can make a big difference.
Consistent steps in the right direction, however small, can quickly add up and move us collectively in the right direction.

However complex, keep it simple.
We’re dealing with complicated, almost insurmountable issues, which is why we need to keep things relevant, clear and easy to understand.

Our People

Daniel Walsh
CEO & Co-founder
Tim Stainlay
COO/CFO & Co-founder
David Ceriola
Software Engineer
Matt Kuter
Head of Technology
Nikki Cordova
QA Lead
Renz Manatad
Software Engineer

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Reforest is made with  by a team across Australia. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging.

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