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Good for the environment. Great for business.

The Reforest web platform lets your brand take real climate impact that will inspire your staff and customers.

Step 1:
Select a
local project

Step 2:
Plant trees
to remove CO2

Step 3:
Engage your

Make an impact on the environment, and your customers

Take simple, tangible, local climate action

Show who you are as a company by inspiring your customers and team members, and making an impact where it matters most - in your own backyard

Revive and protect local ecosystems

Plant trees in high-quality, local reforestation projects

We don’t plant trees overseas or in plantations destined for future logging. Why? Because we know it means more when you can personally connect to local projects, near where you work and live. Our project partners are third party verified - we carefully vet each one to ensure they are committed to the regeneration of native biodiversity and making a difference in the local community.

Engage the people who matter to your brand

Customer and staff campaigns that shares your tangible action

This is the opposite of "greenwashing". Overcome staff or customer skepticism by making genuine impact and giving trees at special moments. Whether it's sign-ups, onboarding, team events or product campaigns, Reforest can help you engage and inspire customers while doing good for the planet, and help them feel part of the solution.

Genuine climate action that leaves an impression

Trackable impact that builds your brand's story

Your Reforest profile will track the impact that you're making and projects you're supporting. It's designed to make an impression on your people, so they feel all those nice warm and fuzzies after interacting with your brand!

Planet-friendly solutions for your organisation

Engage customers with your brand's impact

Create tree-planting campaigns for customers and team members.

Contact us to see how this could work for you.

You’re in good company

Businesses already on board

Regenerative tourism program

G Adventures: Trees for Days

G Adventures mission is to give people the most immersive travel experience possible, and to help change the world in the process, which is how the Trees for Days initiative was created. They partnered with Reforest to deliver to their customers the positive impact of trees grown on their behalf in a highly engaging and personalised way. This program launched with 17 global projects that each deliver substantial benefits to the environment as well as the local communities.
Value-add marketing program

Flight Centre: Planting for the Planet

Flight Centre wanted to enhance value, convenience and peace of mind for their customers in one product bundle. Included in this bundle, they wanted to plant trees in projects nearby to their global customer base in their Planting for the Planet initiative. Through Reforest, they were able to connect with four diverse projects that supported different environmental and social causes.
Post-purchase customer delight campaign

Zurich: Customer Campaign

Zurich wanted to reflect their commitment to sustainability with their customers and engage them with a “plant a tree” campaign for each new insurance policy. With the help of Reforest, Zurich was able to enhance their post-purchase experience with a successful email campaign that saw high levels of customer engagement.
Destination marketing partnership

Visit Sunshine Coast: Sustainability Program

Visit Sunshine Coast partnered with Reforest to create a program that invites local businesses and tourists to give back to local restoration projects within the three biospheres of the Sunshine Coast region. Reforest developed a customised extension of our existing web platform and connected the program to projects partners within the region to support this ongoing destination-wide initiative.
Plant-a-tree campaign for event booth visitors

Zurich: AON Conference

Zurich partnered with Reforest to create a standout booth experience at tradeshows and conferences, aiming to engage attendees with their sustainability efforts. They used the Reforest platform to plant a tree for each booth visitor, allowing people to connect with their own personal tree through links and QR codes.

Elevate your brand

Go the extra mile for your customers

As more people become desensitised to corporate climate action, we know that the way you communicate with your audience is key.

Our method of engaging customers is genuine, tangible and most importantly, local. Because we know the impact is felt more if it's in your own backyard. Boost brand reputation and loyalty by delivering personalised experiences that your people can relate to and connect with.

Climate leadership that drives change

Empower your customers to be part of the solution

The Reforest platform helps you integrate local climate action into your staff and customer touchpoints, ensuring you deliver a memorable experience while doing good for the community.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility, beyond offsetting emissions
  • Deliver interactive and personalised experiences that your audience won't forget
  • Nurture and engage top talent
  • Boost brand reputation
  • Build trust and loyalty with staff and customers

We'll look after the trees... you can get on with business.

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