Customer Stories

Reforest has partnered with a range of organisations to make climate action meaningful and engaging for their audience.

Adventure by name, creating positive action by nature

Trees for Days

As a global leader in adventure travel and holding a reputation for responsible adventuring, G Adventures knew they needed to address the emissions of their traveller's footprints. Enter us. We partnered to close the loop between conscious travellers wanting to still explore the world, but have a positive impact while doing so. Through reforestation projects that tangibly benefit communities as well as the environment, and the added layer of Reforest's technology, G Adventures can show their travellers the positive impact they’re making.
Planting the planet for good

Planting for the Planet

With a lofty goal of planting one million trees within 12 months – Flight Centre needed a partner with boots on the ground to create this kind of sizeable and scalable action. Together, we’ve hit over 50% of the target and we’re just six months in … but who is counting when you’re doing this much good for the planet? To create this level of world-changing action, Flight Centre customers are asked to purchase a Captain’s Pack, and in doing so, Flight Centre plants a tree through us. With thorough reporting and transparency, we can show impact metrics whether it be CO2 removed, native habitat restored or native fauna planted. It’s meaningful, it’s measurable and it’s making a difference.
Post-purchase customer delight campaign

Plant-A-Tree for New Customers

Zurich wanted to reflect their commitment to sustainability with their customers and engage them with a “plant a tree” campaign for each new insurance policy. With the help of Reforest, Zurich was able to enhance their post-purchase experience with a successful email campaign that saw high levels of customer engagement.
Shining a light on sustainability, one visitor at a time

Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program

When you are the only location in Australia where three biospheres sit side-by-side, you’d want to protect them too. That’s why Visit Sunshine Coast engaged us to develop a program that invites local businesses and tourists to give back to local restoration projects. Giving new meaning to the tourism adage “leave only footprints and take only memories”, now visitors to the region know their travels are contributing to a net zero goal for the destination. With a destination dashboard, visitors can input the CO2 from their trip and remove emissions by replanting them into the ground.
Plant-a-tree campaign for event booth visitors

AON Conference

Zurich partnered with Reforest to create a standout booth experience at tradeshows and conferences, aiming to engage attendees with their sustainability efforts. They used the Reforest platform to plant a tree for each booth visitor, allowing people to connect with their own personal tree through links and QR codes.
Event organiser campaign

Adelaide Festival 2023

Using Reforest, Adelaide Festival estimated the footprint of their event and also the emissions that would be generated by attendees travelling to the event and staying at nearby accommodations. Event attendees were able to learn more about what the festival was doing to restore their footprint by scanning QR codes at the festival.

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