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About Reforest

Reforest is a social benefit enterprise focused on impact.

Most people care about climate change but feel they have limited options available to significantly reduce their footprint.

Reforest exists to solve this problem by:

  1. Providing a tangible and meaningful way to reverse your carbon footprint whenever there are no good zero-carbon options available.
  2. Enabling you to restore native forest, preserve biodiversity, and truly see and own the impact you’re creating as your own personal forest.
  3. Using the trees you plant to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon economy by engaging your retailer to reduce their emissions. 
  4. Making it simple, affordable and rewarding to have a positive impact.
  5. Making your action visible and showing how it inspires others to take action too.
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Who are we?

Our team is passionate about reducing carbon emissions and restoring our natural environment. At the same time, we are practical and pragmatic in our approach to achieving those goals.

We understand the needs and preferences of carbon-conscious individuals who want to have an impact that is meaningful and real. We share those same needs.

We also have experience in multi-national organisations, and we appreciate the range of stakeholder needs that the forward-thinking leaders of today’s organisations must cater to in their decision-making.

We believe that most individuals and corporate leaders want the same sustainability outcomes. They just need tools that are designed to cater to their specific circumstances.

What is our vision?

Imagine if individuals and organisations committed to undo all the carbon emissions they have ever produced by growing their own forest. And imagine if they could share the economic rewards of doing so.

Native forests would be restored. Fragile ecosystems would be preserved. The worst consequences of climate change could be averted. And a thriving sustainable economy would emerge.

That is the future we are working towards at Reforest. Every time you make a purchase that has a carbon footprint, we want to let you plant trees in your personal forest and reverse its impact. We want you to really see how your forest is not just offsetting but actually restoring that damage when we get your retailer to match you action. And we want to make your forest visible, so it can inspire others and earn you benefits as it grows.

2020 to 2030 is the UN Decade of Restoration. This is the decade in which we want to achieve that goal. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.

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Our values

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