Reforest your footprint.

Use the Reforest App to grow your own forest and help stop climate change.

Modern life comes with a carbon cost.

Many essential activities in modern life involve carbon emissions. Driving your car, turning on the lights, flying and even your groceries come with a carbon cost.

There are often no zero-carbon alternatives available.

Now there is a solution to those unavoidable emissions which makes a real difference; a difference you can see and feel good about.

The next time you fill up your car or fly on a plane, use Reforest. Your small change can have a big impact on climate change.

How it works

Real Reforestation. Real Impact.

Reforest your carbon emissions.

Trees remove carbon from the atmosphere as they grow. They are nature’s solution to climate change. 

When you make a purchase, use Reforest to plant enough trees to remove your carbon emissions. Choose the project location where you want your trees planted and receive visual updates about their progress through the App.

Double your impact.

We will challenge your retailer to match your tree planting.
If they agree, double the amount of CO2 produced by your purchase will be removed from the atmosphere as a result of your action!

Reforest App - Screenshot 25
Reforest App - Screenshot 26

Grow your own virtual forest.

Each tree you pay to plant in real projects will also appear within the app in your own virtual forest. So do the trees that we asked your Retailer to plant to match your own. You can watch your personal forest grow over time as your positive impact continues to increase.

Be thanked.

As your personal forest grows you can earn special benefits. This could be a free coffee at the airport or points in your Retailer’s loyalty program. Reforest and our partners want to thank you for leading the way on climate change.

Share and inspire.

You can also lead the way amongst your family, friends and colleagues. Share the progress of your personal forest and inspire others to have a positive impact too. 

Be part of a movement for change

We need to reduce carbon emissions, and we need to restore our native forests to preserve biodiversity. Reforest combines these two goals into one simple solution.

Every tree you plant through Reforest is visible to our community and sends a message to your retailer about reducing their carbon emissions. Your trees become a powerful force for change that ripples out and creates a movement.

The Reforest App is currently available as a beta version on both Android and iOS, and is focused initially on fuel and air travel. If you are climate conscious and want to be one of the first to start using Reforest, you can download the app here:

High quality reforestation.

Reforest is a platform for native reforestation projects of the highest quality. The landowners, environmental NGOs and other organisations we work with are highly experienced in planting trees that will thrive and support biodiversity.

Each project in the App is registered with an official certification body (such as the Australian Government) as an official carbon abatement project. The projects are audited regularly and your trees will be legally protected for at least 100 years.

Young trees planted recently with outside protection

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