The Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program: a first for destination tourism in Australia

Posted on 20 June 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program, in partnership with Visit Sunshine Coast. Visit Sunshine Coast leads by example, recognizing the need for tourism to have a restorative impact on the local environment.

This innovative partnership is the first of its kind in Australia, empowering visitors and local tourism businesses to understand their impact on the environment while actively contributing to the regeneration of local landscapes.

What Makes This Program Unique?

The Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program is a huge step forward for destination tourism and is the first Australian travel destination to offer both visitors and tourism businesses the ability to remove their emissions through local ecosystem restoration. The key word here is: local. Businesses and visitors are empowered to actively regenerate native landscapes in the Sunshine Coast region, through a number of high-quality, habitat restoration projects offered on the Reforest platform.

One of the projects that can be supported through the program is located in Cooroy.

How it works

Using a trip CO2 calculator, visitors can estimate the amount of carbon emissions generated on their trip and choose to remove them through local reforestation projects. The Reforest platform offers visitors the chance to connect with community-driven, habitat restoration projects that are happening in and around the Sunny Coast region. Participants can track and share their impact through a reporting dashboard to inspire others to get involved.

Local businesses are also invited to participate and can join as partners and use the Reforest platform to reduce their own emissions, plant trees and share with their networks. This provides an opportunity for everyone to “do their part” in restoring the natural beauty and biodiversity of the Sunshine Coast landscape.

Visitors to the Sunshine Coast can use the Trip CO2 Calculator to contribute to the Destination Dashboard, which shows the combined positive climate impact visitors and local businesses are making

Unifying the community to drive real change

This is an action-oriented program, built on community values, that supports local tourism operators to help their customers reduce the impact of their travel and take real, tangible action that directly benefits the Sunshine Coast community. Tourism operators can also understand their own profile and remove emissions by making a contribution to reforestation projects in their area.

This program aligns with the Travel for Good brand promise of Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) and the state’s tourism direction, making sustainable tourism one of the pillars of Queensland’s visitor economy.

Empowering both visitors and businesses to make a real difference in preserving the local environment of the Sunshine Coast.

At Reforest, we are so excited about the launch of the Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program and the opportunity to empower both visitors and businesses to make a real difference in preserving the local environment. Not only does the program reduce the impact of travel, it also enhances the appeal of the Sunshine Coast as a destination, attracting like-minded travellers who value sustainability.

By working on a local community level, we are creating a greener and cleaner destination for everyone to enjoy.

Check out the Sunshine Coast Destination Dashboard and see the impact that the community is making.

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