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Adelaide Festival 2023

A carbon positive event that helped restore the local bushland in Adelaide Hills


The Adelaide Festival of Arts, also known as the Adelaide Festival, takes place in the South Australian capital of Adelaide in March each year. Starting in 1960, it is a major celebration of the arts and a significant cultural event in Australia. Adelaide Festival was already a carbon-neutral event but they wanted to engage their attendees and help them be part of the journey of taking climate action.


By teaming up with Reforest, Adelaide Festival was able to estimate the footprint of their event and also the emissions that would be generated by attendees travelling to the event and staying at nearby accommodations. Event attendees were able to learn more about what the festival was doing to restore their footprint and claim their share of emissions by scanning QR codes at the festival.


Reforest partnered with Trees for Life, to support the Mannavale farm bushfire recovery project in Adelaide Hills and attendees were able to contribute through the Reforest platform to repair the damage caused by both bushfires and historical land clearing. With attendee support, Trees for Life will plant a range of native species to restore an area of forest habitat for native wildlife. Over time, this will restore the habitat for native birds such as scarlet robins.

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