Plant-a-tree campaign for event booth visitors

Zurich: AON Conference

A splash of green for event attendees


Zurich often exhibits tradeshows and conferences and wanted something to help their booth stand out. They came to Reforest looking for a way to engage event attendees with their sustainability efforts and wanted something fresh and exciting that would reach the hearts and minds of the people that matter to their business.

The goal was to build brand loyalty and connection by giving their booth visitors feel something unique and part of the journey.


Using the Reforest platform, Zurich planted a tree for each person who visited their booth. People were invited to connect to their own personal tree, using links & QR codes that were visible at multiple touchpoints. The process also captured their names and email addresses.

Zurich also used Reforest’s Event Dashboard which was displayed on a screen at the booth to track impact, highlighting the people who participated and randomly awarded prizes.


Of the 220 attendees who had attended the conference, 54% of people scanned the QR code to claim their unique tree, generating 118 leads for Zurich.

As part of this overall campaign, Zurich planted 252 trees resulting in the removal of 57.75t of CO2.

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