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Zurich: Customer Campaign

Sharing positive climate action with every new insurance customer


Zurich is already a carbon-neutral organisation with a deep commitment to net zero and sustainability. To reflect this with their customers and engage them with the great climate action they’re taking, they wanted to go further with a “plant a tree” campaign for each new insurance policy.


Reforest connected Zurich with a conservation sanctuary restoration project. Using a CRM integration, Zurich sent their new insurance customers a link to their unique tree.

This link enabled their customers to see the tree Zurich planted for them and claim it to track in their personal dashboard. The link also shows the total impact Zurich made through the campaign to make customers feel like they contributed to meaningful climate action.


The campaign showed great customer engagement and enhanced the post-purchase experience with 71% open rates and 38% click-through rates.

By the end of this campaign, Zurich planted over 2,000 trees in the conservation sanctuary. Ultimately, this will create a habitat for the critically endangered Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies.

"We engaged the Reforest team to integrate local Australian reforestation into our customer experience, in a very tangible and personalised way that reflects our commitment to climate and nature repair. The program was a great success, with amazing levels of customer engagement."
Nathan Taggart
Head of Sales
Zurich Australia
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