Reduce the impact of your next event

Climate friendly event solutions

With the Reforest platform, you can understand your footprint, reduce emissions and deliver a personalised, memorable experience for attendees.

Meaningful attendee engagement

Share your climate impact with attendees

Climate-conscious events that go beyond offsetting and traditional conference merch by reaching the hearts and minds of attendees.
We make it easy to host planet-friendly events

Plant trees to restore your event footprint

Planting one tree per attendee is often enough to remove an event’s CO2 emissions (excluding travel), and can be added to the price of each ticket. Reforest can also provide an event footprint estimate.

Share the story of the good you're doing

Show attendees the tangible impact you're making

Show attendees the positive impact they can have! Our platform makes it easy for you to share the action you've taken through an engagement campaign. It tells the story about the great work your event has done and lets attendees claim a share of that impact. It's as simple as placing QR codes at your event.

Impact your attendees can see and be part of

A live, interactive event dashboard

Use our live dashboard to share your positive climate action and highlight attendees who claim their share of impact. The dashboard can be set up with a competition element to randomly select winners from participating attendees, allowing you to provide additional prizes and giveaways.

Weave sustainability into your event

Make your event a demonstration of your commitment to sustainability

Here are some options for how Reforest platform can help you integrate climate action at different touchpoints throughout the event to deliver a meaningful experience that will leave an impression on attendees.

the event

Promote your event as climate friendly

Plant a tree or remove CO2 for every attendee and include it in the ticket pricing

Share your story with attendees about the reforestation projects you’re supporting

the event

Let attendees claim their tree or CO2 removal via QR code and view the positive impact of the event
Display an Event Dashboard with live feed and impact stats to further engage attendees

The Event Dashboard can pick random winners to award planet-friendly prizes of your choice

the event

Re-engage attendees by sharing the number of trees planted and CO2 removed

Build a great story using video, imagery and other engaging content
Potential excursion to the planting site with a walking tour (dependent on project)

See what Reforest can do for your event

Make your next event climate-positive

Let us know the details of your event and we can provide you with a custom events package to inspire your attendees.

Event information pack for your clients

Are you an event planner or a venue?

Fill out the form for a handy PDF that includes all the information your clients need to know to host an event that's great for the planet.

Reforest in action

Awesome events we've partnered with

We loved helping these events attract more attendees and sponsors by delivering memorable climate impact experiences.

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