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Are you a business interested in using Reforest for your staff travel?

Would you like to grow your own forest as a business? 

Reforest for Retailers

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Your customers are increasingly concerned about the carbon impact of their purchases.

Reforest is designed to meet your customer’s need for tangibility and impact. Reforest also meets your need for positive engagement around sustainability and a future supply of high quality offsets..

Traditional carbon offsets do not meet these needs. Reforest offers:

Customer choice and personalisation

Positive customer engagement

Brand and message control

High quality and integrity carbon offsets

Reforest for OTAs and TMCs

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Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important component of the travel offering.

Off-the-shelf carbon offset solutions do not engage customers or offer them the personalised, tangible and visible impact on carbon emissions that they want to have. These traditional offsets also have no connection to, or impact upon, the source of those emissions.

Reforest is designed to better meet the needs of your leisure and business customers. Your customers can use our mobile App, and very soon Reforest will also be available an API web integration which can plug directly into your booking process. With Reforest you can:

Offer your customers a compelling solution for their travel-based carbon emissions

Help promote travel sustainability and destination stewardship

Reforest for Projects

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Reforest is a platform enabling high quality native reforestation projects to be visible and accessible to leisure and business travellers who wish to counter their carbon emissions.

We believe it is important to fund high impact projects that restore native forests and support biodiversity. 

We aim to differentiate your project from generic carbon offsets sold at the lowest possible price. To help make your project possible, Reforest will:

Provide upfront payment to get your project underway

Help to communicate the value of your project's co-benefits

Provide a secured buyer for the carbon offsets from your project

Help people feel connected to your project and the land you are restoring

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