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Why Reforest?

Because the planet needs Climate Heroes

Because you should be able to see your impact.

Don’t just take our word for it. See your trees in the ground and watch your forest grow. 

Plus your own virtual forest that’s a one-for-one representation of every real tree you plant, and your total personal impact.

Because carbon emissions should be a shared responsibility.

The carbon emissions from the products you buy are not only just your responsibility. Your retailers create those emissions to give you the products that you buy.

You caused the emissions together, so it’s only fair that if you take action to solve the problem, your retailers should match you. The companies that are genuinely committed to reaching Net Zero and restoring the planet will agree.

The way we restore the planet and make real change is by working together. Reforest gives you a way to give every retailer you buy from a friendly nudge to say, ‘let’s work together to restore the planet’.

Because every purchase should be good for the planet.

The planet is not in great shape. There is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, and we’re losing species everyday. So it’s pretty clear that we need to start restoring ecosystems and removing CO2.

If a purchase damages the planet, then simply balancing out (‘offsetting’) that damage may help stop things getting worse, but it doesn’t improve anything.

We need to agree that every transaction should leave the planet in better shape.

When you and your retailer work together, you restore the planet by removing double the emissions of your transaction without either of you paying any more than if they were taking action on your own.

You have the power to create real change

When you step up, people will notice. When you start a conversation with your retailer, they will listen. You have power, and influence.

Reforest gives you a simple way to start using that power to give your retailers and the people around you a friendly nudge to join you in restoring the planet.

You should benefit for your impact

Restoring the planet benefits everyone. So as your positive impact grows, we think you should receive real-world rewards that reflect the value you have created.

Reforest vs Offsetting

Like many people, we were a little sceptical about that offset button. We found ourselves always asking questions like these:

  • Where does my money go?
  • What good is it really doing?
  • Will anything change?
  • Why is it up to me when my retailer produced the emissions?

All good questions, right?

We created Reforest to be a much more tangible, meaningful and fair solution that restores local ecosystems and engages our retailers to get to Net Zero and even beyond to become Climate Positive, faster.

Here’s how Reforest compares to traditional offsetting:

Reforest Logo2
Verified audited units of CO₂
Tangible and visible
Drives change with your retailer
Removes double the CO₂ emitted
Local, high impact projects
Earns you rewards