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Why Reforest?

We need to reduce carbon emissions.
We need to restore native forests.

With Reforest you can do both.

In 2019 the world was 1.1 degrees warmer than pre-industrial times. From 2014-2019, sea levels rose 5mm every year. 

Capping the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees requires us all to reduce emissions right now. 

And yet there very few zero-carbon options available. If you need to fly or drive your regular car, you cannot avoid having a carbon footprint. If you rent and cannot put solar panels on your roof, you are creating emissions every time you turn on the lights. When you buy your groceries, or receive a delivery, your footprint goes up.

All those carbon emissions contribute to climate change. 

So what can you do about these unavoidable emissions?

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Carbon offsets are a poor option.

A carbon offset is a certificate which you can pay to retire (cancel). It represents an emissions reduction from some kind of project that was completed sometime in the past, somewhere in the world.

For many years, offsets have been the only option available to do something about these unavoidable emissions. Yet even when they are impossible not to notice, such as when booking a flight on an airline website, only around 1-2% of passengers buy them.

Why? Because carbon offsets are generic, intangible, one-off purchases which do nothing about the actual source of the emissions. 

Carbon offsets have consistently failed to engage people as a meaningful or effective solution for their carbon footprint.

Read more about the problems with carbon offsets as a consumer product here.

Reforest is designed for people.

Instead of selling generic offsets, Reforest lets you plant real trees in high quality native reforestation projects. You can see exactly where your money has gone and the impact it is having.

You select a certified project location that is meaningful to you and then track your trees and your impact over time.

Your action sends a message to your retailer and prompts them to reduce their future emissions. 

If your retailer agrees to match your tree planting, your purchase will become carbon negative; your trees will remove double the CO2 that your purchase produced.

As your positive impact grows, you can earn rewards and other benefits.

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