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The Reforest platform helps local businesses empower their visitors to leave the destination better than they found it

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It’s easy to start making an impact

As travellers look to reduce their footprint, they want operators and destinations that share their commitment to sustainability. Reforest's platform makes it easy for businesses to take action and engage visitors with personalised campaigns.

We keep it local…you can too

Take real action by supporting local projects

Your impact means more when it’s in your own backyard. This is why we only work with local partners who are restoring natural habitats to their native condition and reviving precious ecosystems. Partners are fully vetted and adhere to our strict environmental requirements of delivering biodiversity, social benefits and of course, high levels of CO2 reduction.

Go beyond offsetting your emissions

Trackable and tangible climate impact

Carbon offsetting is a good start but now more than ever, travellers are thinking about how they can leave a destination better. Using Reforest you can take action from the ground up by planting trees that contribute to the long-term regeneration of native ecosystems and landscapes. Best of all, Reforest will track and display this for your audience.

Help customers feel part of the solution

Share meaningful action with customers

Shine a light on the positive action you’ve taken and invite customers to get involved by creating an engagement campaign. Our platform delivers a personalised experience, so you can show customers the impact you’ve made on their behalf. They’ll be able to see the good work you’re doing and connect to local reforestation projects to really feel part of the solution.

Explore the Reforest web platform

Regenerative travel is the future

Imagine making every transaction or interaction with your visitors, another step towards greater sustainability.

The Reforest platform helps you measure and reduce emissions by taking real climate action in local projects that benefit the community, while inviting your customers to be part of the solution through personalised engagement campaigns.

This is grassroots impact that you can be proud of.

You’re in good company

Businesses already on board

Regenerative Tourism case study

G Adventures: Trees for Days

G Adventures mission is to give people the most immersive travel experience possible, and to help change the world in the process, which is how the Trees for Days initiative was created. They partnered with Reforest to deliver to their customers the positive impact of trees grown on their behalf in a highly engaging and personalised way. This program launched with 17 global projects that each deliver substantial benefits to the environment as well as the local communities.
Destination marketing partnership case study

Visit Sunshine Coast: Sustainability Program

Visit Sunshine Coast partnered with Reforest to create a program that invites local businesses and tourists to give back to local restoration projects within the three biospheres of the Sunshine Coast region. Reforest developed a customised extension of our existing web platform and connected the program to projects partners within the region to support this ongoing destination-wide initiative.

Cultural connection

For thousands of years, First Nations people have acted as custodians to the unique natural landscapes and ecosystems of Australia.

We make an effort to  partner with projects that utilise the ancient knowledge and land management skills of our Indigenous custodians.

Project Spotlight in North Queensland

Restoring the home of the Lumholtz's tree-kangaroo

This project will help restore critically endangered Mabi Forest on the Atherton Tablelands, in the Wet Tropics region of far north Queensland.

Mabi Forest draws its name from the local Indigenous name for Lumholtz's Tree-kangaroo (mabi or mapi), one of the most common large mammals in this forest type. Predominantly a leaf eater, this rare species lives in the canopy of Mabi Forest and adjoining ecosystems.
Past clearing means less than 4% of the original extent its native habitat remains.

Check out some of our awesome local reforestation projects

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Reforest is made with  by a team across Australia. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, and pay respect to their elders, past, present and emerging.

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